Saturday, November 26, 2011


prologue: "Ee ahmar presstar ine.
Hahn mahthon neh nehn
Hahn mahthon neh high
Ah hahn nohstohn ned 'wee-leeth"

A jolt of orange!
Unmindful of the unacquainted-ness of the two pairs of corneas
Sheltered behind the refuge of dark fibre,
Makes its ubiquity felt.
Almost peremptory- its brilliance
Hurls a schizophrenic mind out of its confines;
One peerless effulgence.

Conversations sway out of focus as the voices etiolate;
The relentless eurobeats asphyxiate each other;
And silence laughs amidst a crowded saturninity-
" You're in again, Dear old Boy!"
A ring of truth takes ground,
And resistence enervates.
Consciousness turns into quicksand,
Swallowing the nebulous mind.
Today and tomorrow wrestle each other into a hash.
Yesterday screams "antediluvian!"

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