Tuesday, August 3, 2010

of walks

A very close friend of mine talks about a walk he had. Wonderful words, adorned with so much of love and longing, smacking of that sweetest fragrance, nostalgia. I am not much of a walker. But those lines take me back to an august summer night. The night I had that walk. A walk... yeah I had one too... must have been at least half a decade back. The moon was high and the sky was clear, the summer wind was comfortably cool, and the lake was still as the night. I had a walk that night. Sandwiched between the woman I loved and my best friend ( or so I had thought)... one slow, soft, calm, relaxed, unwinding walk, down that path, round the lake. I wonder what could we have been thinking, what must have been going through our minds then? It feels like another lifetime. but then, what else could we have thought, what else could we have wished for, than hope that the night would never end! Looking back now, I know what went wrong. I understand better why things have come to this point. And I am not angry anymore. Because I understand it now; we don't have to judge each other for falling apart... we just have to forgive ourselves for growing up

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Anonymous said...

You're too generous. Sometimes, I just wish my words make a real difference somewhere to someone: if it has to YOU, Sam, I believe the purpose of the post is done :) Loved penning the one on walks btw! :)

Thanks a lot and take care. And you all need not forgive yourself for growing up but for being yourself to such an extent that sometimes you forgot there were other sides. In fact, that's something I, we all need to forgive ourselves for. After all, everyone's fighting a battle as the great Greek philosopher said and let's be kind!