Monday, October 4, 2010

An Ode to Whiskey

prologue :- "There are some yards that we need to walk alone, Sayantan."
== S ==

“Gold is precious !”
He had heard it said so
The shiny yellow thing they tore out of the earth!
“Gold is precious”, they said,
“One day, Son! You will see it's splendor”, they laughed.
Couldn't have been more right, those pitiful, cowardly souls.
He sees her beauty now;
Now that the hard and lonely years have showed him some of what is to be his destiny.

From the Highlands, wrapped in oak,
They travel through space and time.
Each passing day goes into making its years,
And each year dissolves some more musings.
In the cold belly of mother Earth they wait;
Bidding their time...
Outside the oak walls time passes by,
And dissolves inside the barrels of ancient wisdom.

Silence; patient, understanding and solemn.
Centuries go by as the elixir of life awaits the one,
One who will pour her into his veins,
And pour his heart into her.
And the accumulated silence of her years
Will sing to him a melody beyond the realms of Heaven and Earth;
And whisper to him words he had yearned to speak.

Yes! Yes! She will take him into her arms,
Embalm his senses, dissolve his refrains,
And give him wings, carry him away.
In her embrace he will shed his crust,
Ruffle his soul, and spread his wings,
And in the dusky glory of her intoxicating radiance
Discover anew, the unstrained limits of his consciousness.
She will return him then;
To his mundane world, with a loving smile.
For he will return,
Walk back to the shelter of her sweet intoxication...
And there he will forget the world that had hurt him so...
And with the accumulated wisdom of her age
She will teach him to forgive life.

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