Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brick Lane

"Forgotten energy may hold these persons fast in memory, but they would hardly have any ground left under them and even their legs would have already turned to smoke."

~~ Franz Kafka, Diaries; Sunday, 19th July, 1910~~

Abstractions. Coherent, sensible, logical progression
Of intangible notions. Naive realism of the infallibility
Of observationally unverifiable postulations; his one brick lane.
A road oft walked; dark corners reek of conversancy,
As reluctant leaves shed to cover schizophrenic foot prints,
Metaphysical tears seep in through the cracks in the sidewalks of sanity.
His one brick lane.

Silent night. Searing joy of passive pain;
Insomnia. Phantasmagoric loss of illusory patterns
Conjectured in a nebulous mind. 
A necessity born out of cultivated forlornness. Or
An imposition of the subliminal cognisance? Irrelevant.
This conversant numbness. Overshadows.
Abstractions. His one brick lane.

Coincidence. Of necessity begotten a fancied muse,
Labored weakness begets unsolicited weary. Ineluctible.
Comprehensibility unhindered, unfaltered fallibility.
Abstractions dissolve in silence.
His one brick lane.

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