Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NOTICE: A New Home

Okay! So, I have been debating, for some time now, whether or not there is any real need for this 'notice' (rolls eyes)? But, a quick glance over some of the comments I have received on my posts here, including some rather angry and irritated ones (especially FOR those ones), convinced me that I should put this one up. For the benefit of those who (might) end up here (voluntarily, or by accident). This blog is moving to a new home (oh yeah! Felt good to say that. I know... I know... it's kind of sad, in a Freudian way). I really appreciate the views and opinions of those who have taken the time and patience to read through my literary whims and provided me with valuable feedbacks. Thank you all, and I hope you will continue to oblige me with your patronage. I really enjoy the feeling I get when I see the stats reflecting the page visits jump up, and the comments you guys leave are like the cherry on the top.

I am moving the blog to a different server- Wordpress. You can reach all my contents, old and new, by looking up square root of 3, if you are not already familiar with it. Okay, that was corny. Just couldn't resist saying it. Shoot me.

Anyway, I will keep updating this blog too- whenever I get some extra time. I have no intentions of killing the very first page I ever created. It might just have some lag to it is all. There are a couple of reasons for the move. The first one is simply that I like Wordpress's layout and their templates. It just feels that much simpler, and more elegant. The second one involves my eternal love for the Web, and visiting new corners of it. This leads me to my third reason for relegating Blogger to a second choice. I love the Web. And when I love someone/some thing, it makes me really really angry if someone hurts them/it. Google have, in recent years, been doing much of the same shit that Microsoft, that eternal congregation of idiots, did back in the 90s by trying to force all websites to adhere to its proprietary standards (I.E.) and thus force Windows, and Internet Explorer, down people's throats. Well, we all know how that ended for Microsoft. Not only did Apple completely decimate Microsoft in terms of revenue generation (Apple is worth 4.5 Microsofts, as of 2011), but Internet Explorer has become the most ridiculed and hated browser of all times. Google, since completely destroying competitive search engines like Yahoo and Rediff, have followed a somewhat similar course of action. True, unlike Microsoft's botched attempt at a browser, Google's efforts were based around providing an unmatched search engine. Google did what it claimed, and just like they claimed they did it better than anybody else. But things have been changing recently. Google have tried to unethically prevent competitive search engines from returning results. Google have done nothing to stop the spread of numerous intrusive Adsense adverts, malwares, spam sites and notoriously infringing pop-up/under campaigns from shady, two-bit companies like Zeobit. Zeobit, in particular, has become an everyday nuisance for MAC users, and/or people who use iTunes or any Macintosh software, including Safari. It is only a matter of time before Zeobit does the same thing to PC users with their PCkeeper bundle. Zeobit has slowly and steadily extended this net of breaking-n-entering into people's browsers, and all the while Google have done nothing to stop it. More importantly, and just because they could do so, Google decided to arbitrarily re-rank their search results, which has adversely affected millions of website owners. Add to this the fact that Google already knows too much about us, I just don't feel the rush to supply Google with any more personal informations.

Personally, I don't harbor as much antipathy for Google as I do for Microsoft, or Adobe, whose crimes against the Web are unforgivable. Remember, when Adobe bought Flash? Flash was becoming the standard for viewing videos on the web, and Adobe forced a merger down their throat. Since then Flash has only gone downhill, with numerous reports of repeated crashes, freezes, and uncountable updates amounting upto 30 megabytes every time. Adobe felt, given that almost NO website would display properly without Flash, that they could run their own show. That was until that ill-fated day when they ran afoul of Steve Jobs. You know how they say, to kill a monster you need a bigger monster? Jobs was that bigger monster. He released iPad, the device that was going to define the tablet industry, without any kind of support for Flash! People panicked at the idea of a tablet, a primarily web-oriented device, lacking Flash. But Jobs was adamant and, like in all other Apple hardware, completely blocked the chances of installing something on the iPad that he didn't consider fit for it. Apple was able to figure out their own way of running web-based videos, and YouTube developed their own iPad centered App. In his (in)famous interview, the ever so unforgiving Jobs quoted, "I will grab Adobe by the neck, and force them to drink from the spring I choose". And so he did. Last year, after years of engaging in a war that they were destined to loose, Adobe declared they will be making iOS oriented changes to Flash.

Microsoft learned their lesson years back, and have since then behaved more gently. Adobe learned it the hard way. It is Google's turn next, it seems. Apple has already made it clear that they are willing to meet Google head-on by removing all support for Google maps from iPhone 5 and iOS 6 in general. Microsoft is rumored to be working on a completely different paradigm of search engines that internal sources claim will obliterate Google. Now, knowing Microsoft, it is going to be a hit-or-miss kind of a thing. But, if I was running Google, I would think twice before locking horns with Apple's ruthless war-machine. That would be unadvisable. But, to take on Apple and Microsoft at the same time? Now that is the dark side of the moon. I don't know what Google is playing at. But I don't see how this could possibly end well for them. Google has decided to sit on a barrel of TNT, and play with matchsticks. Their call. But I don't fancy being around when the whole thing blows up in their face. Also, I have moral objections against hurting or messing around with the last free piece of space left for free people- the Web. Hence, I am moving.


Anonymous said...

Happy blogging at Wordpress :) I do identify with the issues - at least some of them - you have referred to in the post. Personally though I have been with blogger for six years (and a couple of days) now, and I am quite happy with it. To each his own!

Sam Mandal said...

Oh! I have never had any problems, or rather any technical problems with blogger. It's just that... it was getting a little old, and I wanted to try something new. Also, I have had issues with Google messing around with YouTube, poking their nose too much in people's personal affairs, blocking blogs that were critical of one particular religion, while the subscriber to that religion freely paraded around with their campaigns of hatred and oppression.