Monday, March 1, 2010

silent screams

This is simple... really!
I mean, how hard can it be?
Across 7 inches of ply,
and border of two iron arms.
On a lazy February morning,
Wrapped in the last of the dying winter's fading fog,
across 7 inches of ply;
It's the silence that's chilling,
that's filling the space between with vacuum;
An impenetrable wall of uncomfortable twitching.
But, how hard can it be?
Across 7 inches of ply...


Anonymous said...

Lovely Sam! :) Just a wonderful but simultaneously serious depiction of life at the thresholds. Keep writing! :D

Anonymous said...

the above comment is for your first post. And as regards this one loved the lines: "It's the silence...vacuum;" Exquisitely written! Prolific as a dear one would say. Simple but densely creative.