Friday, June 19, 2009


Time to let go!
Time to forget!
But not yet the time to be forgiven?
Broken heart, dried up tears...
Memories clouding the long lost years;
Words of love, hope turning into fear.
Nothing left to say...Just
Wish you were here...

Under the naked sky,
Sun-dried tears, incomplete dreams and a hopeless sigh;
You will never again let me try.
Though I'll never have you near,
wish you were here...

Old school of broken dreams;
Lost promises and forgotten hymns
Deserted corridors and the unclimbed stair,
Wish you were here...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My tears have dried up - literally, almost - but the following line amidst the others stood out. I can feel it... still...

But then as a friend of my ex used to say "The poison is its own cure!" The interpretation I derive from it is simple... beyond a point when you hold onto pain, it weakens.

Cheers... all the best!

"Words of love, hope turning into fear."