Saturday, November 1, 2008

down by the schoolyard...

In these arms tonite,
In these empty arms I hold nothing.
There's nothing left to hold.
So I'm floating with time,
I've let myself loose;
Float away to where life takes me...
There's nothing left to hold on to.
Nothing...we've caesed to be two.

I haven't stopped dreaming,
Though I gave up a long time back:
Life goes on...
But it hurts,
Hurts so bad when I try to look back!

Yesterday was an illussion.
Nothing is left behind;
Looking back I see nothing.
Nothing, but faded photographs;
Smiling faces that doesn't exist anymore;
All that's left of us are memories,
Scattered around the schoolyard.
But everytime the wind blows,
I start...felt like our laughter carried through!
Nothing, just a figment of my imagination.

I can see the bench beyond the yard.
It's still there...empty now;
We've moved on.
But its still there;
A silent witness of our yesteryears.

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