Monday, October 6, 2008

sleeping with empty arms

I can't hide.
It's so funny!
And it's so hard;
But it's a fact that I can't hide.
I can't hide from myself,
I can't break free...can't escape.
It's a bit pathetic,
This feeling inside.
Even after being pushed aside,
How I keep pushing myself-
Hoping against hope-
Towards the same dead-end road.

It evades me forever.
Like a distant melody,
It calls me home...
Tugging at my shoulders,
Eggs me on, calls me back.

But an ocean of memories bars my way!
The storms of guilt make me sway,
And like a fallen leaf,
Carries me further away.

So goodbye then!
It's time to go.
And may be we will meet again...
In some faraway land,
In a better time and place;
But things won't be the same.
But may be, may be, we will meet again.

I have tried.
I have looked hard;
All those nights I slept with empty arms!
I didn't find any solace in my tears,
Nobody whispered words of comfort in my ears.
There was nobody around offering solace!
So,please, don't you cry at my funeral;
'Coz death promises me a better place.

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