Monday, January 28, 2008


.So, welcome to my world! I sure hope you're gonna have a lot of fun in here, but then again if you are on of those crackheaded fools who consider themselves to be the self-appointed judges of social morality this might just turn out to be your worst nightmare! See, I am a bit offtrack sort of guy; I mean I am the kind of person who, if told not to jump off tall buildings, will take the first flight to New York and jump off the Empire State building. So, you get the idea alright?!? you know I suddenly remembered this punk song:

America stands for freedom
But, If you think you're free
Try walking into a deli
And urinating on the cheese..

Anarchy burger by the vandals! Really sets the mood, doesn't it? I mean look around you! Are you free? Look hard!! No you are not. You are anything but free...they tie your hands and tell you that its for your own good, they blindfold you and want you to believe that its meant to protect your eyes! My question is, if you are not allowed to see, what the hell is the use in protecting your eyes? But what surprises me is that you are stupid enough to believe it! But I dont. Never did, never will! I live my life on the highway, at 70 miles an hour! Nothing else matters....its an open highway and I am speeding...for the moment atleast! I dont wanna think about tomorrow. What if tomorrow never comes?

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